we are all foodies

An event series about our relationship with food


We Are All Foodies is a DIG Idea


Part truth. Part aspirational.

The way we see it, whether we can make recommendations to the top rated restaurants or not, there is a “foodie” in all of us - because we all eat.

Given our current climate, let’s reflect, evaluate and re-define what it is to be a “foodie” together.

We are gathering people together to take part in a series of conversations and activities with the goal of strengthening our relationship with food.

We want to hear about what’s on your mind when it comes to our relationship with food, where it is going, where it ought to be and what we all might need to do to take it there.

We Are All Foodies is just one of the ways DIG is calling in individuals and organizations to be a part of the dialogue and bringing those working in food systems together. Learn about DIG here.


We are currently cooking up our next gathering.

No. 2: Coming soon!


What to expect at our gatherings

All are welcome and encouraged to take part. In fact, we need the richness of diverse perspectives, insights and experiences to make meaningful and sustainable change. After all, discussions amongst those inside of a bubble gets old real quick. How much do we really accomplish by doing so anyways? Let’s remind ourselves of how ecosystem work, shall we?

We are going to share experiences, address assumptions, disagree and expand our perspectives together. Taking part means that you will contribute to maintaining an environment where all feel welcome to attend, learn, ask questions, share. The dependency of food is one of the few things every single one of us have in common. We must make space for everyone to take part.

Informal, welcoming and - there will be some bites available to accompany the flow of information. We hope you’ll join us.